I Am So Disturbed

MC Rove.

Marc Broussard, A Pick-Me-Up

If you ever get the chance to see this man play live, do it.


Happy Birthday, Debbie

And good morning to you.


Jim Gaffigan And Religion

Amanda, you must watch me.

Black Sheep

Ladies and Gents, I present the new Snakes on a Plane:

This Is Why He's Sexy

(Among other reasons)

Henry Rollins In Love

It's old, I know, and it's even possible I've posted it here before, but I don't care, this is good enough to watch twice.

I Should Have KNOWN!

Who else could be responsible for such a cult classic of my childhood but Bob and Harvey Weinstein? They've moved me from David the Gnome to Clerks to Tarantino. God Bless the Weinstein genius.

Grimm's Classic Fairy Tales

Good lord did I love this show.

This One's For Megan

Camp Anawana, We Hold You In Our Hearts

Grindhouse Double Feature

Can't Wait.

Why Do I Love Him?

Because he compare Sandra Lee to giving crack to Children.

I Wanna Transfer

to THIS store.

The Rare Bookseller


I Like To Think

That the astronaut in the end is Dan.

Why Don't We Get Cool People Like This?

All we get are Wholly Cats? For reals?


I Know, I Know...

...I don't post anymore. My B. With that said, I'm quite positive I just saw one of the most disturbing things I've seen in awhile, and I just watched the movie "Suicide Club" last week. (For those of you who haven't seen it, it opens with 54 Japanese schoolgirls hurling themselves onto the train tracks and committing mass-suicide. It gets even better from there and let me just say that if you enjoy eating cinnamon rolls, have a last one before watching this because you will never want to eat one again once you've seen it.)

So yeah, disturbing things. About 20 minutes ago a white van drove down to the end of the dead-end street that I live on. A little girl and her dog got out. As the girl walked her dog back up the street, the van followed, stopping every time she stopped and inching around any cars parked on the street. The street, mind you, is relatively short, roughly 100 yards from one end to the other. Now, at first I thought this was possibly just an overprotective parent, which is nothing particularly new except... if you have to watch your child that closely while they walk the dog why, oh why, would you not just WALK WITH THEM? You really have to follow her in the van? You couldn't possibly bring yourself to get out of the car for 10 minutes to walk with her? The ichthys fish sealed the deal for me. It conjured visions of the apostles following Jesus as he walked all over Galilee, each one in a separate white minivan, creeping along.


Quite Possibly The Sweetest Thing Ever.

I love the Muppets.


Who HASN'T Done This?

It really is great to be a Florida Gator.