Hear Me Out

I've got a bone to pick.

MTV's new slogan is "We don't play music." Well, thank god somebody finally cleared that up, because until they said it themselves, it seemed to be a major source of debate in my generation. I'm not sure why people ALWAYS feel the need to discuss this, because it's a rarely disputed point. However, without exception at every frat party I've ever attended, someone bitches about how MTV isn't the same anymore, and inevitably someone else brings up MTV2 as a counterpoint.

Even then, NO ONE argues with the fact that MTV doesn't play music anymore. They haven't for years.

It's tempting to ask, "who would be surprised by this announcement?" And yet, even I was. Obviously. Because I was insipired to immediately sat down to write this. It stirred me to action to finally see them admit something all of America has known for years. Which, I suppose, just points out how often MTV succeds by denying what we all know to be true. Real World isn't real, Making the Band makes a singing quintet, not a band, and Music TeleVision does not play music.


My world crumbles. Why am I so amazed to see them say it? I honestly cannot say.


Not If I Tried...

I couldn't make this shit up.

Welcome to the officialUS Air Guitar Championships

RULES OF COMPETITION - The US Air Guitar Championships obey the rules set forth by the Air Guitar World Championships:

-Each performance is played to one minute (60 seconds) of a song chosen by the performer or the event organizers
- The 60 seconds can start anywhere in the song
- The instrument must be invisible and must be a guitar, i.e. air drums are not permitted but air bass is permitted
- Personal air roadies are allowed, but they must leave the stage before the performance begins
- Back-up bands (air or real) are not allowed

The US regional heats will each consist of two rounds:

- Round 1: each competitor performs to a song of their own choosing
- Round 2: the top five from round 1 perform to a surprise obligatory song selected by the organizers. The obligatory song is the same for every contestant ­ contestants will all hear the song before going on stage

In each city, the jury is a panel of three independent judges. The results of the jury cannot be protested. To evaluate the contestants, the judges use the same evaluation system as international figure skating. Each judge scores the contestants from 4.0 to 6.0 points, based on: technical ability, stage presence and "airness."

(Who knew figure skaters were judged on "airness?")


Amen, Sistah Friend.

egiap312: my back hurts
egiap312: i need a boyfriend

I'm Calling Shenanigans

Full Cast and Crew for Charlotte's Web (2006)
Directed by Gary Winick

Dakota Fanning:
Julia Roberts:
Charlotte (voice)
Oprah Winfrey:
Gussy (voice)
Steve Buscemi:
Templeton (voice)
Kathy Bates:
Bitsy (voice)
John Cleese:
Samuel (voice)
Thomas Haden Church:
Brooks (voice)
Robert Redford:
Ike (voice)
Cedric the Entertainer:
Golly (voice)
Jane Sibbett:
Joy (voice)
Jennifer Garner:
Susy (voice)
Reba McEntire:
Betsy (voice)
André Benjamin:
Elwyn (voice) (as André 3000)

Original Music by:
Danny Elfman

Fun Fact:

The plaid pattern on Scotch Tape is from the Wallace family tartan. As in Braveheart. Kinda makes you wonder if he knew freedom for his family meant making millions in invisible adhesives.


'Nuff Said.



Say Cheese, Sajak

laughterkey: I need a life
MandaKaryn: I need to stop eating cheese
laughterkey: Yes, you do
MandaKaryn: I bet I've eaten 3 pounds of cheese in the past 2 weeks
MandaKaryn: which is just too much

********** a few minutes later ***************

laughterkey: But wait. Cream cheese is cheese.
laughterkey: There's my "way to state the obvious" of the night
MandaKaryn: hahah
laughterkey: It's like I'm that ass who offers up unwated and already known information
laughterkey: It's not just stating the obvious
laughterkey: It goes deeper than that

********** even later ***********************

MandaKaryn: Pat Sajak just said, "You know, I like the weather channel just as much as I like sharpening pencils."
MandaKaryn: That asshole
MandaKaryn: Don't you be dissin' the channel, Sajak!


laughterkey: Bludgeon is such a fun word.
laughterkey: It's almost misleading in connotation
laughterkey: I think I'm going to start using it as a positive adjective
laughterkey: As in, " We're gonna have a bludgeoning good time!"

All my Friends Like the Jesus

egiap312: and they love jesus so they won't be gettin all handsy with me


Daily Wisdom From the Wal-Mart Dance Party

Lesson 1: There's something not-so-terribly-believable about a large gathering of disheveled sceneagers and anarchists in black with mohawks, nose rings and tats on a group shopping trip in the Wal-Mart music section.


I am addicted to this site.

St. Pete

I did not know that Wikipedia was a St. Pete based website, although, I must say, I'm impressed. Five points for the hometown.


World AIDS Day 2005

I wish you freedom
I wish you peace
I wish you nights of stars that beckon you to sleep
I wish you heartache that leaves you more of a man
I wish you places that sit so still where people never ever change and never ever will
I wish you wisdom
I wish you years
I wish you armies to conquer all your fears
I wish you courage for all that life demands
-Marc Broussard, "Gavin's Song"

12 Hours Of Relativity

Today CERN is hosting a 12-hour live webcast discussing Einstein's Theory of Relativity. You can watch it here