Hear Me Out

I've got a bone to pick.

MTV's new slogan is "We don't play music." Well, thank god somebody finally cleared that up, because until they said it themselves, it seemed to be a major source of debate in my generation. I'm not sure why people ALWAYS feel the need to discuss this, because it's a rarely disputed point. However, without exception at every frat party I've ever attended, someone bitches about how MTV isn't the same anymore, and inevitably someone else brings up MTV2 as a counterpoint.

Even then, NO ONE argues with the fact that MTV doesn't play music anymore. They haven't for years.

It's tempting to ask, "who would be surprised by this announcement?" And yet, even I was. Obviously. Because I was insipired to immediately sat down to write this. It stirred me to action to finally see them admit something all of America has known for years. Which, I suppose, just points out how often MTV succeds by denying what we all know to be true. Real World isn't real, Making the Band makes a singing quintet, not a band, and Music TeleVision does not play music.


My world crumbles. Why am I so amazed to see them say it? I honestly cannot say.


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