Say Cheese, Sajak

laughterkey: I need a life
MandaKaryn: I need to stop eating cheese
laughterkey: Yes, you do
MandaKaryn: I bet I've eaten 3 pounds of cheese in the past 2 weeks
MandaKaryn: which is just too much

********** a few minutes later ***************

laughterkey: But wait. Cream cheese is cheese.
laughterkey: There's my "way to state the obvious" of the night
MandaKaryn: hahah
laughterkey: It's like I'm that ass who offers up unwated and already known information
laughterkey: It's not just stating the obvious
laughterkey: It goes deeper than that

********** even later ***********************

MandaKaryn: Pat Sajak just said, "You know, I like the weather channel just as much as I like sharpening pencils."
MandaKaryn: That asshole
MandaKaryn: Don't you be dissin' the channel, Sajak!


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