Eli Whitney

laughterkey: Woo!
SuburbanMyth: Why are you wasting my time with woos?
laughterkey: Because I can.
SuburbanMyth: When did you procure a baby child?
laughterkey: Never.
SuburbanMyth: Your picture has one.
laughterkey: It's my sister's.
SuburbanMyth: Oh, I thought it may have been stolen.
laughterkey: She has 2 of them. I just borrow them from time to time.
SuburbanMyth: What is it useful for?
laughterkey: Carrying. Theyre great for working out.
SuburbanMyth: Doubtful.
laughterkey: Weights cost too much. If you just borrow children it's cheaper.
SuburbanMyth: Perhaps. It probably smells.
laughterkey: Depends on how long you borrow them for. And if you feed them.
SuburbanMyth: I have no use for one.
laughterkey: Not big on aerobics?
SuburbanMyth: No.
laughterkey: Yeah then they dont serve a huge purpose.
SuburbanMyth: Yes. You never procured my pants.
laughterkey: I quit. My apologies.
SuburbanMyth: From all places with pants?
laughterkey: From old navy. So more or less, yes.
SuburbanMyth: I consider that lazy.
laughterkey: I consider them sucky.
SuburbanMyth: I enjoy their pants.
laughterkey: As do I. However, I don't enjoy working for those pants.
SuburbanMyth: Whatever.
SuburbanMyth: You should use your child for manual labor.
laughterkey: Too young yet.
laughterkey: They can barely kick soccer balls.
SuburbanMyth: There's never a too young for manual labor.
laughterkey: Oh, words of wisdom.
SuburbanMyth: Such as cotton picking.
laughterkey: What are you, the modern day Eli Whitney?
SuburbanMyth: Perhaps.


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