9 A.M.

So, It's roughly 9 a.m. (as my title might suggest) and here I am sitting at my computer. Awake. Today was my day to sleep in, and because of that I stayed up late last night and now I'm tired. Why, might you ask, am I up? Because of this:

That little red area was over my house roughly an hour ago and it dumped an obscene amout of rain on my neighborhood. Not to mention the wind gusts that blew over every trash can on the street, tossed tree branches all over my backyard like a game of pick-up-sticks and even knocked out my power. Then we get the lightning. The striking-my-front-sidewalk-and-back-patio, scaring-the-shit-out-of-me lightning.

So I am awake. And now that I am completely awake, and would feel like a bum for going back to sleep at 10 a.m., the wind has died, the lightning stopped, and the rain come to a slight drizzle.

Thank you, Mother Nature.



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