Chatting With Amanda

laughterkey: So, I'm watching "The Breakfast Club" on AMC and they edited "Eat my shorts"
MandaKaryn: What?
laughterkey: When Bender says, "Eat my shorts," they changed it to, "Eat my socks."
MandaKaryn: Awesome
laughterkey: Why would they do that?
laughterkey: Why are socks better than shorts?
laughterkey: Are the people at AMC biased? Do they think socks are less seductive? Or less suggestive?
MandaKaryn: Hahaha...either way
MandaKaryn: But socks aren't less sexual to a foot fetishist.
laughterkey: Precisely!
laughterkey: Overall, shorts, I think, would be less appealing, if not equally unappealing, and in no way sexual. Who at AMC has it out for shorts?
laughterkey: And why, WHY can they say crap and damn, but not shorts??
laughterkey: I've got a bone to pick with someone.


laughterkey: :-D <---gingivitis laughterkey: ew.
MandaKaryn: HAHAH...awesome
laughterkey: no. anti-awesome.


laughterkey: I watched 'Grey's Anatomy' for the first time tonight
MandaKaryn: How is it? I haven't seen it.
laughterkey: Good, but there was one part that bothered me.
laughterkey: This chick gets this guy (who apparently she used to "do," according to Paige) into a closet and says, "Im a do-er now, no more metaphorical shit for me" (or something like that.)
MandaKaryn: Hahah awesome
laughterkey: And the guy is all, "Are you sure you want to do this?" And she says yes...
laughterkey: Back and forth, blah blah blah, with a few good puns on the "do-er" level...
laughterkey: BUT.
laughterkey: Then she finally comes back with, "Do you want to talk about 'should' while I'm here, horny and half-naked, or do you want to literally take your pants off?"
laughterkey: And I had issues.
laughterkey: Because what else is there but LITERALLY taking your pants off?
laughterkey: How would one metaphorically take one's pants off?
laughterkey: So I had a few issues. But otherwise it was great!


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