A Few More Gems

MandaKaryn: Why are you sad? Gingivitis?

MandaKaryn: I had to come out with, "I don't like asians," of course, and it sparked discussion.

laughterkey: But how did he accidentally take an erotic tai chi class?

laughterkey: I did not, however, comment upon said ninja stars.

MandaKaryn: Woo! I typed secret right!

laughterkey: While I completely agree with the thing I sent earlier about Matt Dillon and Ludacris, if Matt Dillon had stayed 18 forver I would totally want him.

MandaKaryn: Did you just call me Coltrane?

MandaKaryn: Movie quote. Haha. Another movie quote.

MandaKaryn: Hookers + sleeping pills = always a good match.


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