Super Convo

MandaKaryn: HAHAHAH WOO!
MandaKaryn: COOL.
laughterkey: Woah, caps-girl.
laughterkey: Are you here to save the day?
MandaKaryn: BRB bathroom break.
laughterkey: Alliteration-woman.
laughterkey: Are YOU here to save the day?
laughterkey: I like the idea of my superheros having grammitcal powers.
laughterkey: Alliteration-woman and her sidekick caps-girl and the lesser known character, Tim.
laughterkey: I guess it should be alliteration lady, huh?
laughterkey: That's more alliterative than woman.
laughterkey: Hmmm.
laughterkey: I need a life.
MandaKaryn: Hahahaha I love you.
Auto response from laughterkey: I find myself wishing that I could own a piece of clothing that could be described as 'dangerously jaunty'
MandaKaryn: Jaunty.
MandaKaryn: Good word.
laughterkey: Dangerously so.
laughterkey: I got my inspiration on that from a Questionable Content news bit where he says he got a new hat and it is dangerously jaunty.
laughterkey: I liked it.
MandaKaryn: For some reason it reminds me a bit of Lindsay Lohan.
MandaKaryn: No, no, thats gaunt.
MandaKaryn: Just kidding.
laughterkey: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
MandaKaryn: Noo I meant it.
laughterkey: HAHAHAH
MandaKaryn: I meant jaunty.
MandaKaryn: But it does remind me of her.
laughterkey: Hahahah it was still funny.
MandaKaryn: Thank you.
laughterkey: Maybe youre thinking jaundiced.
MandaKaryn: Hahahahahahahha, maybe


Kinky Pintsize

Is it disturbing that I find this image cute?
Enjoy more at Questionable Content, but make sure you start at the beginning.



I wrote this in response to an email from MZD roughly a year ago. For some reason I just got it back, and in re-reading it, found a short bit I wrote about (the then recently deceased) Hunter S. Thompson. I really enjoyed it the second time around, so I'm sharing it here.

1- The Death of Hunter S. Thompson
February 21, 2005

This day was a tragic one for many, but personally I was glad to know that one of the last great journalists of the 60's and 70's had gone out on his own terms. For all of the peace and unity that is characteristically associated with the era he belonged to, there could be no better example of his understanding of the paradox that existed at that time, and in all times. From the confilcts between the students of Berkeley and the Hell's Angels to today's political schism, Thompson exhibited a keen sense of where the bullshit was and an odd sense of compassion for where each side was coming from. As a journalism student, I have admired his work for as long as I can remember. Going to the AP site and seeing the headline that he had committed suicide (rather than die a prolonged and painful death), I couldn't help but laugh. It's shallow in a way, to escape the pain one has brought on oneself, and brave in a way, to refuse death's terms and inflict one's own. No bullshit, no weakness, no pain, and plenty of inspiration.


Putting The Wright Brothers To Shame

A 19 year-old guy was picked up by a tornado and thrown 1,307 feet, a distance 10 times longer than the Wright Brothers' original flight.



It's Official

Someone has been engaging in Jewish Douchebaggery.

Interesting Tidbit

A woman known only as AJ has perfect memory, and no one knows why.


Paula Poundstone

You give that girl her braces back and get your ass to track practice!

In A Continuing Plague Theme

"Was Wisconsin really that bad?"

Clerks 2

"The official release date is now August 18th, 2006."

Not Julius!

Paul Frank is suing his business partners to shut down the company, saying they ripped him off and stole his ideas. This might be the end of the monkey.

Sweet, Sweet Addiction

Some substances aren't so bad to abuse.

I Have No Clue Who This Chick Is

But I want her hat. She doesn't seem to be particularly enjoying it.

No, Tom.

Who's Coming?

Saturday March 18th, 2006
Paula Poundstone
Please note! There will be 2 performances
8:00PM and 10:00PM
The State Theatre
Tickets $18.00 In Advance $22.00 Day of Show
Doors open 7:00PM

Home of the Year

Go House!


I don't think I ever have more fun than when I go to Disney with my mom.


At Work.


She Said Yes

egiap312 : I don't know, it just started because I saw two asians sweeping a storefront in the same rhythm.
laughterkey: Can I quote you out of context on that one?

Pad Thai

(Click for recipe)

Who Needs Drugs?

Certainly not me.

Except For Fat.


My Future

Click To Enlarge.


Whose Isn't?


I Almost Bought It

This sticker is apparently for sale somewhere on the internet, and I almost bought it. For no other reason than to advertise the idiocy of those who created it, are selling it, and buying it sans irony.


I'm Sensing A Trend Here

Two more men I admire in a questionable situation. First Clooney and Jon in bed together and now this. What's a girl to do?

Still Looks Like A Chick.

Peter: If you could be stranded on a desert island with any woman in the world, who would it be?
Quagmire: Taylor Hanson.
Joe Swanson: Taylor Hanson is a guy.
Quagmire: [Laughs] You guys are yankin' me. "Hey, let's put one over on Quagmire."
Peter: No, he's actually a guy, Quagmire.
Quagmire: What? That's insane. That's impossible. Oh God. Oh my God. I've got all these magazines. Oh God.

Cest Vrai

There Should Be More Warnings Like This

Let's Play "Which Is Gayer?"

My vote is for Hoff, just cause, well...just because.


Think You Know Happy Trees?

The Science Of Sick

This, my friends, is what the Common Cold actually looks like. This is why I'm laying on the couch all day.

This is evidence of someone's sick (no pun intended) sense of humor. It is a plush cold spore, or whatever they're called. It makes me want to cuddle with my illness.

And this is what makes me feel better. Behold the chemical makeup of codeine.

To quote the ever-eloquent Miss Hersem, "Codiene might as well be love."


My Cupcakes

I iced them with Nutella. Who wants one?

Two Men I Adore

Although, I have to say, from this angle, Jon does take on some Butthead-ish characteristics.

For Peeej

(Click to Enlarge)


I Want 'Em.



I Love Granddad.

(Click to Enlarge)

Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me

The Question, from Peter Sagal:

"I'm sitting on the small balcony of my hotel and I'm watching a man dressed as a phallus screaming obscenities at a woman disguised as Spongebob Squarepants."

That was the BBC's Matt Frye describing what was, in essence, the recovery effort this week in what city?

The contestant, Erwin: Um...

Peter Sagal: We'll give you a hint, this week girls on the parade route wouldn't lift their shirts for beads, instead they demanded housing vouchers.

Erwin: Oh! New Orleans, Louisiana.

Peter Sagal: Right.

Adam Felber: Luckily all the giant phallus costumes survived the hurricane.

Peter Sagal: Who knew? Your giant phallus costumes, they float!

Adam Felber: If I had to see one more FEMA guy riding a giant phallus down a flooded street, I don't know what I'd do.

Peter Sagal: Isn't that redundant?


You Said It, Woman

(Fun Fact: The other woman in the picture is Janis Ian, the Jazz singer whose name was the inspiration for Janis in Mean Girls.)

MandaKaryn: Can you blog about Dolly?
MandaKaryn: Say something good.
MandaKaryn: She's so creepy looking.

Throwback Of The Day

This video was more than virtually insane.

This Cat Looks How I Feel

Holy Homo, Batman!

To see another of my favorite gay superheroes, click on Spidey.

Rubber Ducky a la Hitler

Click on Ernie to listen to the song.


...Pomegranate. Glorious.
MandaKaryn: Your pomegranate is bleeding all over the table.
MandaKaryn: I wanna lick it.

The Original Josh Lyman

(Click To Enlarge)


This Movie Is My Brokeback...

I can't quit with the cheap shots.

Wowza, Vince.

You're sexy.

Another Good One...

(Click on the picture for a link to imbd)
Julio Zapsasta: Truth is cool but unattainable... the truth is totally amazing, but you can't ever reach it.

Who's That Little Old Man?

From what could quite possibly be my favorite movie of all time, A Hard Day's Night :
George: That's not your grandfather.
Paul: It is, you know.
George: But I've seen your grandfather. He lives in your house.
Paul: Oh, that's my other grandfather, but he's my grandfather, as well.
John: How do you reckon that one out?
Paul: Well, everyone's entitled to two, aren't they?