Super Convo

MandaKaryn: HAHAHAH WOO!
MandaKaryn: COOL.
laughterkey: Woah, caps-girl.
laughterkey: Are you here to save the day?
MandaKaryn: BRB bathroom break.
laughterkey: Alliteration-woman.
laughterkey: Are YOU here to save the day?
laughterkey: I like the idea of my superheros having grammitcal powers.
laughterkey: Alliteration-woman and her sidekick caps-girl and the lesser known character, Tim.
laughterkey: I guess it should be alliteration lady, huh?
laughterkey: That's more alliterative than woman.
laughterkey: Hmmm.
laughterkey: I need a life.
MandaKaryn: Hahahaha I love you.
Auto response from laughterkey: I find myself wishing that I could own a piece of clothing that could be described as 'dangerously jaunty'
MandaKaryn: Jaunty.
MandaKaryn: Good word.
laughterkey: Dangerously so.
laughterkey: I got my inspiration on that from a Questionable Content news bit where he says he got a new hat and it is dangerously jaunty.
laughterkey: I liked it.
MandaKaryn: For some reason it reminds me a bit of Lindsay Lohan.
MandaKaryn: No, no, thats gaunt.
MandaKaryn: Just kidding.
laughterkey: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha
MandaKaryn: Noo I meant it.
laughterkey: HAHAHAH
MandaKaryn: I meant jaunty.
MandaKaryn: But it does remind me of her.
laughterkey: Hahahah it was still funny.
MandaKaryn: Thank you.
laughterkey: Maybe youre thinking jaundiced.
MandaKaryn: Hahahahahahahha, maybe


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