I wrote this in response to an email from MZD roughly a year ago. For some reason I just got it back, and in re-reading it, found a short bit I wrote about (the then recently deceased) Hunter S. Thompson. I really enjoyed it the second time around, so I'm sharing it here.

1- The Death of Hunter S. Thompson
February 21, 2005

This day was a tragic one for many, but personally I was glad to know that one of the last great journalists of the 60's and 70's had gone out on his own terms. For all of the peace and unity that is characteristically associated with the era he belonged to, there could be no better example of his understanding of the paradox that existed at that time, and in all times. From the confilcts between the students of Berkeley and the Hell's Angels to today's political schism, Thompson exhibited a keen sense of where the bullshit was and an odd sense of compassion for where each side was coming from. As a journalism student, I have admired his work for as long as I can remember. Going to the AP site and seeing the headline that he had committed suicide (rather than die a prolonged and painful death), I couldn't help but laugh. It's shallow in a way, to escape the pain one has brought on oneself, and brave in a way, to refuse death's terms and inflict one's own. No bullshit, no weakness, no pain, and plenty of inspiration.


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