Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me

The Question, from Peter Sagal:

"I'm sitting on the small balcony of my hotel and I'm watching a man dressed as a phallus screaming obscenities at a woman disguised as Spongebob Squarepants."

That was the BBC's Matt Frye describing what was, in essence, the recovery effort this week in what city?

The contestant, Erwin: Um...

Peter Sagal: We'll give you a hint, this week girls on the parade route wouldn't lift their shirts for beads, instead they demanded housing vouchers.

Erwin: Oh! New Orleans, Louisiana.

Peter Sagal: Right.

Adam Felber: Luckily all the giant phallus costumes survived the hurricane.

Peter Sagal: Who knew? Your giant phallus costumes, they float!

Adam Felber: If I had to see one more FEMA guy riding a giant phallus down a flooded street, I don't know what I'd do.

Peter Sagal: Isn't that redundant?


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