I'm British!

I got my poster from Questionable Content's Jeph today. On the back he included this lovely little drawing of Pintsize with Marten. I simply adore it. This has made an otherwise crappy day of being sick in bed quite enjoyable.


One of my favorite SNL skits ever. Sean Hayes, Horatio Sans, Chris Kattan, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Molly Shannon at Jeffery's.

Poor Timmy...

SuburbanMyth1636: Where are my pants?
laughterkey: On the orgeon trail
SuburbanMyth1636: That's a lie
laughterkey: A theif took them with some oxen and Timmy
SuburbanMyth1636: I mean my real pants
SuburbanMyth1636: No
SuburbanMyth1636: NO!
laughterkey: I'm telling you man
SuburbanMyth1636: God damn
laughterkey: It's rough, I know
laughterkey: I wasnt sure how to tell you
SuburbanMyth1636: I like honesty
laughterkey: I concur, I just wasn't sure how you'd take it

Sugar Bush

A squirrel who enjoys costumes and currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida. Which is apparently a BioHazard zone.
For mor information (and pictures) go to Sugar Bush's website

A Classic

MandaKaryn: whoa chill i'm playing OT
laughterkey: woah
laughterkey: sorry, didn't mean to interrupt the trail.
MandaKaryn: fuckface and beth died
MandaKaryn: i'm upset
laughterkey: ah no
MandaKaryn: haha
MandaKaryn: i'm trying to hunt
laughterkey: i started using pronouns instead of names so that when people get sick it looks like oregon trail ebonics, "Them has typhoid," or "Him had Cholera"
MandaKaryn: your mom just died too
MandaKaryn: hahahahhaha
laughterkey: she always does

I find myself wishing we could still play Oregon Trail online.



It's Official. The TomKitten cometh.


Life Imitating Art

Jay: You're fucking kidding me! The Easter bunny did this?
Brodie: All I said was that the Easter bunny at the Menlo Park mall was more convincing and he just jumped the railing and knocked me down.
Jay: He's fucking dead!
Brodie: Oh let it go, he's under a lot of pressure.

Oh Joe

SuburbanMyth1636: I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself.
MandaKaryn: hahahhahahahahahha
MandaKaryn: I love you

SuburbanMyth1636: Do you think if a priest used a super soaker instead of the little sprinkler thing to spray people with holy water at mass he would get in trouble?
MandaKaryn: Yeh probably. With god.
MandaKaryn: And the Junior League women.

Personal note: I love how Amanda capitalized 'Junior League', but not 'God'. So let's recap: a Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but you mean your mother.




Step Two

Top part of ears demolished.


Bunny Tip O' The Day:

Keep your bunny in the fridge. Next to the wine if possible. Bunnies like wine.

Step One.

Bunny sans eyes, nose, and bowtie.

Let The Carnage Begin.

Untouched Bunny Big Ears.


Republican Love Tester

I was watching Jon this morning as I got ready for class and just had to share this screen shot. There are no words to describe how hard I laughed at 'Skull-Banging Strom'.

Thanks, Peeej

laughterkey: "Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat. Rock and roll, you ain't seen nothing yet."
laughterkey: Lyrical mastery.
egiap312: Brilliant!


Go Gators

I love it!

No DeLay on Election Day

Tom DeLay announces he will not seek re-election. It's a good day! Go Gators!



I said it's great to be a Florida Gator.


My Quote Of The Day

In response to a manager saying he was 'ghetto' because he lived across the street from a crackhouse for three years, I said, "One crackhouse does not a ghetto make." People laughed and I was proud of myself and now I'm just plain bragging. Thank you for indulging me.

The More You Know...

Two of the easiest to recognize are those of the lego block and the puzzle piece. Teach peace, don't buy your kids hateful toys like legos and puzzles. Get them guns.

Is It Dark?

I found this picture on the LJ generator the other day. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Richie, but he was all I could think of, so enjoy.
Chas: Can we read it?
Richie: No.
Chas: Can you paraphrase it for us?
Richie: I don't think so.
Chas: Is it dark?
Richie: Of course it's dark. It's a suicide note.



Jessica: Helen?
Helen: Yeah?
Jessica: Can I ask you a question?
Helen: Sure.
Jessica: What color lipstick are you wearing?
Helen: Well it's three different kinds. I blend.
Jessica: Really. Really. Wow.
Helen: Would you like to know the...?
Jessica: Oh, would you feel comfortable?
Helen: Of course, I'd love to share. I start with MAC Viva Glam 3.
Jessica: Uh-huh.
Helen: Which is a great base, and then I add Prescriptives Poodle on top.
Jessica: Oh my god I love Prescriptives, it's the best.
Helen: I know isn't it?
Jessica: The moisture and the *tsch*. It's great.
Helen: And then I finish with Philosophy Super Natural Nude, which is more of a...
Jessica: Of a glossy, kinda?
Helen: Exactly, a little bit of shine.
Jessica: Right. Right. Wow. Well, it looks, um, uh, just beautiful on you.
Helen: Well, thank you. You know, you should try it yourself, it would look gorgeous on your complexion.
Jessica: Aw, thank you but, um, the uh, the blending thing is a little, uh, labor intensive for me. You know, I'm kinda looking for that one.
Helen: Well, you'll never find it. I'm telling you. Blend.


I *heart* Kissing Jessica Stein