Jessica: Helen?
Helen: Yeah?
Jessica: Can I ask you a question?
Helen: Sure.
Jessica: What color lipstick are you wearing?
Helen: Well it's three different kinds. I blend.
Jessica: Really. Really. Wow.
Helen: Would you like to know the...?
Jessica: Oh, would you feel comfortable?
Helen: Of course, I'd love to share. I start with MAC Viva Glam 3.
Jessica: Uh-huh.
Helen: Which is a great base, and then I add Prescriptives Poodle on top.
Jessica: Oh my god I love Prescriptives, it's the best.
Helen: I know isn't it?
Jessica: The moisture and the *tsch*. It's great.
Helen: And then I finish with Philosophy Super Natural Nude, which is more of a...
Jessica: Of a glossy, kinda?
Helen: Exactly, a little bit of shine.
Jessica: Right. Right. Wow. Well, it looks, um, uh, just beautiful on you.
Helen: Well, thank you. You know, you should try it yourself, it would look gorgeous on your complexion.
Jessica: Aw, thank you but, um, the uh, the blending thing is a little, uh, labor intensive for me. You know, I'm kinda looking for that one.
Helen: Well, you'll never find it. I'm telling you. Blend.


I *heart* Kissing Jessica Stein


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