First Thing This Morning

I checked my email and saw this. I love my friends.


Transformers The Movie

I'd send you to the movie's website, but it's getting so much traffic it keeps crashing. Instead have fun at the IMDB site.



I Need To Go Somewhere

I like this picture a lot, I just wish it didn't say that at the top. Travel alone, people! Get to know yourself. I haven't gotten out and about much lately and I'm kinda afraid I'm losing what little sense of adventure I have. I can't wait for OBX.

Cest la Vie

AS you might have guessed from the total lack of poasting lately, I've been feeling a bit uninspired. Not to mention I've suddenly developed a social life. Who knew? So, instead of being clever and writing something of my own, today I'm going to share a little something I found over at lovefortheloveless. Enjoy!

Yesterday I was told that I have “gone to the dark side”.

This came as quite a shock to me, as I always kind of assumed I had started off on the dark side to begin with. But no, it’s worse than I thought. This time, I'm told, I’ve REALLY gone to the dark side…. to the dreaded Boyfriend Land.

Now, I of course categorically deny this. First of all, I do not have a boyfriend.I am a lone wolf. I walk alone. Yes, I may be in a monogamous relationship with someone who makes me really happy and whom I spend inordinate amounts of my free time with and think about constantly and totally love, but does that make him my boyfriend? Um, I don’t think so. He is simply another lone wolf, who happens to walk kind of near me sometimes.

Boyfriend Land is a little too far into the dark side for me. I would never go there, not even for an afternoon picnic. Not even if they were having a really fun party there and I could take my own car. Boyfriend Land is a terrifying place, filled with scary people. It’s kind of like Harlem. People have occasionally tried to trick me into going there. They make it sound all fun and exciting like "Hey Jess, let's go to Boyfriend Land! It'll be really fun, we'll hang out with other couples and finish each other's sentences and stuff!" But then we get there, and it's just a bunch of codependent weirdoes and I'm not allowed to stay out late our wear anything low cut.

Sometimes they pull the old bait and switch. "Oh, no, Boyfriend Land? Not for us... just get in the car, we're just going for a fun little ride to the country! No where near Boyfriend Land!" It's kind of like what they do to dogs when they're trying to trick them into going to the vet. Not falling for THAT one again!

Also, Boyfriend Land is just a train stop away from Husbandville. I like to think of it as having a nice, rent stabilized place in Singles Town that I will never sell, but I still spend most of my time indoors rather than participating in the nightly keggers and weekly orgies.

Singles Town is an anything goes kind of place. As a lone wolf, it’s really the only option for me. In Boyfriend Land, they try to domesticate us. If I just wander a little too close to the county line, next think you know I’ll be de-clawed and housebroken and wearing one of those gay little cardigans. In Husbandville they just shoot us on sight.

As a lone wolf, sometimes even Singles Town is a little too restrictive for me. I prefer to roam the wilderness alone, howling at the moon and what have you. And by “wilderness” I mean the mall. And by “howling at the moon”, I pretty much mean drinking Starbucks.


I Like His Pet Pony.


Too Good To Not Share

Up Too Late

It's the infomercial hour (kind of like the witching hour but scarier) and I'm watching one for The Bible on DVD that has 'Emmy-award announcer Steve Johnson' reading the book. Where do I sign?


Marc Broussard

I look pretty bad, but I had to share. Good LORD can that man sing.



Sweet Jesus! There is a God! Watch the Magic Bullet infomercial in its entirety on Google Video. They do fast forward through the grinding/blending bits, which is a plus. If you're feeling frisky, take a drink every time Mick says "Look a' that!" But be careful, you'll be wasted inside of 10 minutes. Also, don't miss the part where the bald guy makes a big deal about how he hates broccoli and then proceeds to faux-sip the smoothie and rave about it.



The Personal, Versatile, Countertop Magician

Since an astonishing number of my friends have recently told me that they don't know about the Magic Bullet, I feel the need to do a little lesson here. Live and learn, kids.
Meet The Magic Bullet:

Okay, so yes, it is basically a blender. However, once you have seen the magic that is the Bullet infomercial, you too will be sold on this great little bit of TV programming. Just now I tried to find a bit of the show on YouTube only to be disappointed. But that doesn't mean I'm the only fan. Here's a supporter in their own magic bullet commercial. Here are some people using the Bullet while Panic! plays in the background. Since I can't seem to share the real deal with you here, should you ever be up late watching TV and see an unusual group of people sitting around a kitchen marveling at 'the ultimate party machine' while a rather large Australian man keeps saying "Look a' that!" Stop channel surfing. You have reached the promised land.


Party On, Garth

These are just a few shots I've taken over the past week or so that I think are worth sharing.
Justin displaying one of his many talents.

Robby gettin' friendly with my cameraphone.

Joe annoyed.

Devin shows off those jazz hands.

Rob and Heidi at the bar.

Devin, possibly still playing signs. Or just being coy.

J-snazzle and Lauren in front o' the shuffleboard.

Robby makin' with the faces.


Eleven Days Into Hurricane Season

Alberto es mi amigo.


Okay Kids,

We're going to try something new around here. Back in the day, on the LJ, every post used to ask for your mood. That annoyed me. It was a feature I didn't particularly enjoy. However, someone has gone above and beyond the call of duty here and made a set of images for the mood list using all West Wing pictures. Needless to say, I'm in love. So now the irony lies in the fact that I am now employing a feature of LJ that I hated on a system that doesn't support it. Let's see...how does that make me feel?



I'm Pretty Sure That Would Need A Chaser.

Don't Feed Them.

They breed enough as it is.


I Wish You Guys Had Done This For Me When I Was A Kid

Eli: I'm sorry, don't listen to me. I'm on Mescaline, I've been spaced out all day.
Richie: Did you say you were on Mescaline?
Eli: I did indeed. Very much so.
Richie: How often do you ah...
Eli: I'm worried about you Richie.
Richie: Why?

No, Really, I Mean It.