Marc Broussard

I look pretty bad, but I had to share. Good LORD can that man sing.


Anonymous Kris A aka tinytulip3 (aim) said...

Great pic, Sarah! Marc looks great and his music is so engaging!!!
I got there a bit late and missed Mosaic and most of Sons of William but I too thought they were awesome. I have a lot of similar interests in music, though some of the other contributors have a lot of my faves too. You HAVE to check out the ZUTONS. They opened for Keane at HOB last year along with The Redwalls from Chicago. If you are a Beatles fan, please take a listent o the redwalls. They are Beatlesque with their own flavor. ANd they are yungins too. Like 21 or so. I saw them at Will's Pub for a small engagement. Way too cool.

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