The Personal, Versatile, Countertop Magician

Since an astonishing number of my friends have recently told me that they don't know about the Magic Bullet, I feel the need to do a little lesson here. Live and learn, kids.
Meet The Magic Bullet:

Okay, so yes, it is basically a blender. However, once you have seen the magic that is the Bullet infomercial, you too will be sold on this great little bit of TV programming. Just now I tried to find a bit of the show on YouTube only to be disappointed. But that doesn't mean I'm the only fan. Here's a supporter in their own magic bullet commercial. Here are some people using the Bullet while Panic! plays in the background. Since I can't seem to share the real deal with you here, should you ever be up late watching TV and see an unusual group of people sitting around a kitchen marveling at 'the ultimate party machine' while a rather large Australian man keeps saying "Look a' that!" Stop channel surfing. You have reached the promised land.


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