Driving Back To Kill Devil Hills...

...And listening to Spicy McHaggis, and writing our own lyrics to Nirvana, and complaining about ghost cars, and generally losing it.

The Wright Brothers Memorial

Impressed? Neither were we.


The Pit

Just barely. We got here at 9:00 and they apparently open at 9:30. They're nice surf shop/restaurant/bar employees who took pity on the stupid tourists. On a lighter note, the Hamburgular was there (sans Mayor McCheese) and he kept trying to steal our PBR.

That's Amanda Up There

Jockey's Ridge State Park is one hell of a place to play King of The Mountain.


Class Redux

We found out on the last day of the trip that beer was allowed on the beach, so the brown bags served a purely aesthetic purpose.

I Hate Lamp.

I can't see Amanda past it.


Amanda's Brown-Bag Beach Beer

Nothing but class. And alliterations.

Okay, So....

I wasn't even supposed to BE here today!

My trip has been delayed by a day so I'm home again. I'll be out of town until the 30th though, (once I finally get out of here) so call my cell if you need to reach me. I saw Clerks II today....not the original by any means, but great in its own little way. Okay, I'm done for now, but just so I say it one more time...go go go go GO to the WeakSauce show on the 28th at Java Junction.


You Tolerate Me!

You really tolerate me!

Here's best tidbit from the latest convo with B-Side. See how tolerant he is? Those TVGasm kids....such patience.

laughterkey: BBAS made my night. Thanks, sir!
bside: It's a great show.
laughterkey: Truer words were never spoken.
bside: Is this your first season watching?
laughterkey: Well...no..but sadly my first season watching was season 3 and was only half-assed...I watched because my sorority sisters were hooked.
bside: Cool.
laughterkey: I wish I could say I appreciated the addiction early on for what it was.
laughterkey: I'm a 'Guna girl deep down.
bside: Also a fun show.
laughterkey: Yeh, at any rate, the live blog was quite the pick-me-up at work and just thought I should share the love of all things campy/catty.
bside: Why thank you.
laughterkey: But of course. Have a good night sir.
bside: You too.
laughterkey: Many thanks, I'll try. Later.
bside: Later.


There's A New....

More Beach Week

Justin and Jonah looking confused.

Jack being wonderfully 4.

Anna, looking adorable.

Uncle Foolio encouraging mischief-making.

Darien and Caleb on the beach.

Jack and Anna playing on the porch.

Who needs a binkie?


Go Go Gadget Party!


Kitty, Sans Fur.

Some photographic evidence of Justin's handiwork.

More Beach Pics

Anna Girl.

Mom and Caleb.

Peeej's Goats.


Waiting For The Moon To Rise

I love the beach.


Picture Time...

More shots from a few nights out. Even though you probably have no idea who these people are, enjoy!

Eric and Robby going for the psych out while Danny chats it up outside.

David lookin' all smarmy-like.

Paul, Eric and Ian supporting Justin's drinking habit.

Corry showing off the new suit.

Ted's 'creepy' smile, up close and personal.

Homer, my love.