You Tolerate Me!

You really tolerate me!

Here's best tidbit from the latest convo with B-Side. See how tolerant he is? Those TVGasm kids....such patience.

laughterkey: BBAS made my night. Thanks, sir!
bside: It's a great show.
laughterkey: Truer words were never spoken.
bside: Is this your first season watching?
laughterkey: Well...no..but sadly my first season watching was season 3 and was only half-assed...I watched because my sorority sisters were hooked.
bside: Cool.
laughterkey: I wish I could say I appreciated the addiction early on for what it was.
laughterkey: I'm a 'Guna girl deep down.
bside: Also a fun show.
laughterkey: Yeh, at any rate, the live blog was quite the pick-me-up at work and just thought I should share the love of all things campy/catty.
bside: Why thank you.
laughterkey: But of course. Have a good night sir.
bside: You too.
laughterkey: Many thanks, I'll try. Later.
bside: Later.


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