Glimpses Of August

Devo, sportin' the glasses.

One of the army men on Eric's suprise birthday cake.

Austin hanging out on the porch.

Ryan at the beach pizza place at roughly 1am.

J-Snaz rockin' the creepy glasses.

Billy's Balloon

I'm in love. It's so devilishly charming.


We've Created An Outpost

Good times at Uptown.


Go Further Right!

C'mon Ernesto, show us some love. You know you want to. New Orleans doesn't want you.


I think I'm addicted. Anyone want to start a new league? Leave comments or email me if you're in.


Dunedin Brewery Drum Circle

Just a clip from last Tuesday at the Brewery. Come on out and play next week!


Reading Late.

One of my favorite things EVAR.


WeakSauce Live At Jannus Landing

Here's some video of that oh-so-historic evening of WeakSauce's first show at Jannus. Check it out.

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

And I'm Back. Again.

Hello, puppies. Sorry it's been so long but Blogger has been driving me insane, not letting me upload pictures or even post sometimes. So I decided to do the mature thing and walk away from it for a bit. Mainly because that's the only thing that kept me from breaking my computer in a fit of rage. So I've been doing that socializing stuff and working, mainly. Now, let me just throw in a few things I've noticed at work.

For those of you who don't know, I work in a bookstore. For the most part, we keep said bookstore pretty clean and organized, but there are always a few sections that will inevitably be trashed at the end of the night. If I've ever had to stay super late to clean up, you can bet that Kids, Magazines, and Metaphysical/Religion were the culprits. The kids area being a mess I understand, I mean, come on, they're kids. Magazines is easy to get a grip on as well, people read them in the cafe and leave them there and they build up. But metaphysical/religion? Seriously? You're reading books about Karma and loving Mother Earth and the best ways to put good energy into the world and you leave your leaking, half-empty coffee cup on the shelf next to your melty chocolate wrapper and you can't be bothered to put the books you were reading (yeah, the ones about being good to other people and living in the moment) even in a nice stack on the floor? You know what? You're right, it is easier to just drop them and let them fall where they may. One landed in the coffee you spilled? Even better. Now, you've got one last chance to do something good in this situation, and that is to tell a kindly (read: snarky) employee that you spilled your coffee and possibly ruined some books so we can clean it up quickly before it turns into sticky goo. But who cares about doing that? Just cause you're into Buddhism doesn't mean you're a goody-two-shoes or anything.

That said, I have some messages for a few of our customers.

To all of you who think it's funny to ask me if you can pay with the laminated fake money bookmarks by the register:
It's not funny, you're not clever, and glaring at me when I don't laugh at your kid's joke isn't going to inspire me to fits of hysterical laughter, so lay off.
To those of you who tell me you have a Rewards card and get mad when we can't find you in the system because, after all, you paid good money for this card:
You are not in Barnes & Noble. Our card is free.
To those of you who still refuse a free card after pitching said fit:
That's fine, but stop complaining about not getting to use your coupon. You could use it for free if you wanted to.

Okay, I'm pretty much done venting for today. What's funny about this post is that most of out customers are pretty cool and easy to deal with, but there are this choice handful that are, of course, the ones that always stand out. Cause let's face it, who wants to hear work stories about customers who are charming and well-read and polite?

Update: Blogger still isn't letting me upload pics, so I guess you get exposure to my inner ramblings for a bit longer.



I'm not much of a 'Flavor of Love' fan, but this clip posted on TVGasm was certainly the most entertaining thing I've seen all day. Check it out.
Oh, just as a side note, I know things must look kinda lame with no clever pictures attached here and there, but Blogger won't let me upload a damn thing, so for a while I guess we get to enjoy the monotony.

This One Should Be A Knockout

The Ten, Directed by David Wain.
Jessica Alba
Adam Brody
Rob Corddry
Ken Marino
Amanda Peet
Oliver Platt
Paul Rudd
Justin Theroux
Mmmm-Hmm! That smells mighty good, what they're cookin' up.

Lot 49: PodSigns

The iPod puts 15,000 songs in your pocket and two earbuds in your ears. So much for easy listening.
Because iPod users are often hard to reach, Lot 49 is introducing PodSigns, a set of printable handouts to help communicate with the iPod-impaired.
Save social interaction before it's too late. Just download the PodSign file, print, and trim. Make yourself heard.
Download PodSigns


Liam McEneaney Might As Well Be Love

Excerpts from Liam's latest post....it was too good to not share. Go to his blog and read the whole thing, it's great. Actually, go and read everything, the archives are wonderful to get lost in.

...Then, and don't ask me why, [this guy] started talking about scary movies, and I made the mistake of telling him the first semi-witty thing that came to my mind: "The scariest movie I've seen in a while was An Inconvenient Truth."

And down came what I like to call "The Blank Wall of Ignorance."

The Blank Wall of Ignorance is the steel gate you can see close behind someone's eyes the minute the conversation wanders into territory where bringing up a set of facts or responsible opinions in anyway contradicts the worldview they've adopted.

As a digression: I don't get why people get so passionate about disputing the idea of global warming. Over the past ten yeats, we've seen record-breaking heat wave after record-breaking heat wave - shit, this guy and I were in Starbucks taking refuge from a record-breaking heat wave - and they still treat it like some crazy theory that's being thrown around by liberals to scare everybody into, well, whatever an evil liberal's reasons for faking climate change would be.

This isn't a matter of faith open to debate and interpretation, like the abortion debate, or supply-side economics. This is a scientifically-proven problem. Remember how the hole in the ozone layer wasn't really a problem in the '80s because it was just something treehuggers made up, and okay it was real but since it was only over the Antarctic where no one lives so who cares, and okay, so maybe some holes in the Ozone are opening up over the President's home in Kennebunkport Maine and okay, maybe it's time to do something about this problem? And then, lo and behold, we did.

But I didn't say all of that, because I have the hope that you can actually talk reason to the willfully ignorant. So I said, "Actually, yes, in the movie he said - "

To which the guy added, "Years before the internal combustion engine?"And I continued my explanation of Gore's response to this charge. (For the full explanation, see the movie.) Then he said, "I read somewhere that Al Gore was a D student, his grades were worse than Bush's." So I finished my sentence, because it's rude to ask someone a question, and then interrupt when they're answering you.

So he repeated this statement again, and I said, "Actually, that's something that was on the Internet about John Kerry, but I don't know if it's true."

Then he said, "Well, I can't argue with the man who invented the Internet," and smiled smugly, like he'd scored some huge rhetorical point. And that's when I realized that I was arguing with Republican talking points.


Amen, Brother...

Shark Week makes me so very happy. Although I've realized that if you watch it long enough, a lot of the facts start to contradict each other as the shows overlap. However the file footage stays the same, show after show.


Best Shirt EVER

Now, that's what I call "Making It Work". You can buy the shirt here.

You Can't Quite Tell Here...

...But it's raining in Bohemia.


We made it!

Waiting For The Ferry

And the sunset was too pretty to not share.


It's not even 10:00 yet and we're sitting around in pjs watching old Project Runways.