And I'm Back. Again.

Hello, puppies. Sorry it's been so long but Blogger has been driving me insane, not letting me upload pictures or even post sometimes. So I decided to do the mature thing and walk away from it for a bit. Mainly because that's the only thing that kept me from breaking my computer in a fit of rage. So I've been doing that socializing stuff and working, mainly. Now, let me just throw in a few things I've noticed at work.

For those of you who don't know, I work in a bookstore. For the most part, we keep said bookstore pretty clean and organized, but there are always a few sections that will inevitably be trashed at the end of the night. If I've ever had to stay super late to clean up, you can bet that Kids, Magazines, and Metaphysical/Religion were the culprits. The kids area being a mess I understand, I mean, come on, they're kids. Magazines is easy to get a grip on as well, people read them in the cafe and leave them there and they build up. But metaphysical/religion? Seriously? You're reading books about Karma and loving Mother Earth and the best ways to put good energy into the world and you leave your leaking, half-empty coffee cup on the shelf next to your melty chocolate wrapper and you can't be bothered to put the books you were reading (yeah, the ones about being good to other people and living in the moment) even in a nice stack on the floor? You know what? You're right, it is easier to just drop them and let them fall where they may. One landed in the coffee you spilled? Even better. Now, you've got one last chance to do something good in this situation, and that is to tell a kindly (read: snarky) employee that you spilled your coffee and possibly ruined some books so we can clean it up quickly before it turns into sticky goo. But who cares about doing that? Just cause you're into Buddhism doesn't mean you're a goody-two-shoes or anything.

That said, I have some messages for a few of our customers.

To all of you who think it's funny to ask me if you can pay with the laminated fake money bookmarks by the register:
It's not funny, you're not clever, and glaring at me when I don't laugh at your kid's joke isn't going to inspire me to fits of hysterical laughter, so lay off.
To those of you who tell me you have a Rewards card and get mad when we can't find you in the system because, after all, you paid good money for this card:
You are not in Barnes & Noble. Our card is free.
To those of you who still refuse a free card after pitching said fit:
That's fine, but stop complaining about not getting to use your coupon. You could use it for free if you wanted to.

Okay, I'm pretty much done venting for today. What's funny about this post is that most of out customers are pretty cool and easy to deal with, but there are this choice handful that are, of course, the ones that always stand out. Cause let's face it, who wants to hear work stories about customers who are charming and well-read and polite?

Update: Blogger still isn't letting me upload pics, so I guess you get exposure to my inner ramblings for a bit longer.


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