Liam McEneaney Might As Well Be Love

Excerpts from Liam's latest post....it was too good to not share. Go to his blog and read the whole thing, it's great. Actually, go and read everything, the archives are wonderful to get lost in.

...Then, and don't ask me why, [this guy] started talking about scary movies, and I made the mistake of telling him the first semi-witty thing that came to my mind: "The scariest movie I've seen in a while was An Inconvenient Truth."

And down came what I like to call "The Blank Wall of Ignorance."

The Blank Wall of Ignorance is the steel gate you can see close behind someone's eyes the minute the conversation wanders into territory where bringing up a set of facts or responsible opinions in anyway contradicts the worldview they've adopted.

As a digression: I don't get why people get so passionate about disputing the idea of global warming. Over the past ten yeats, we've seen record-breaking heat wave after record-breaking heat wave - shit, this guy and I were in Starbucks taking refuge from a record-breaking heat wave - and they still treat it like some crazy theory that's being thrown around by liberals to scare everybody into, well, whatever an evil liberal's reasons for faking climate change would be.

This isn't a matter of faith open to debate and interpretation, like the abortion debate, or supply-side economics. This is a scientifically-proven problem. Remember how the hole in the ozone layer wasn't really a problem in the '80s because it was just something treehuggers made up, and okay it was real but since it was only over the Antarctic where no one lives so who cares, and okay, so maybe some holes in the Ozone are opening up over the President's home in Kennebunkport Maine and okay, maybe it's time to do something about this problem? And then, lo and behold, we did.

But I didn't say all of that, because I have the hope that you can actually talk reason to the willfully ignorant. So I said, "Actually, yes, in the movie he said - "

To which the guy added, "Years before the internal combustion engine?"And I continued my explanation of Gore's response to this charge. (For the full explanation, see the movie.) Then he said, "I read somewhere that Al Gore was a D student, his grades were worse than Bush's." So I finished my sentence, because it's rude to ask someone a question, and then interrupt when they're answering you.

So he repeated this statement again, and I said, "Actually, that's something that was on the Internet about John Kerry, but I don't know if it's true."

Then he said, "Well, I can't argue with the man who invented the Internet," and smiled smugly, like he'd scored some huge rhetorical point. And that's when I realized that I was arguing with Republican talking points.


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