Who HASN'T Done This?

It really is great to be a Florida Gator.



With a hint of November... A full-on Halloween post is still to come, once people send me pictures.

Eric & Champagne Supernova

Those crazy kids

Eric again. To quote him just before this picture was taken, "Just take it, it'll look cool, I promise."

Molly and Brad

Robbie, last night at WTAN.
Cythera the Golden Girl

MaryAnn and Paulie at Bennigan's.
Megan sitting by the bonfire.
Robbie getting felt up by the masses.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Horrible pic, Horrible pun. From the MySpace Secret Show at State.


I'm Bored.

Looong class.


So Much To Celebrate

It's a good day when you go to read the news and see these three headlines. Who wants to go out drinking tonight?



Eddie Izzard, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and a midget in a live-action trailer for an animated film.

Can't wait.


The Price Is WRONG

From TMZ:

Bob Barker is hanging up the mic on "The Price Is Right."

The 82-year-old host of the show that has endured for an unbelievable 35 years says his last broadcast will be next June.

What will college students schedule their classes around, Bob? Don't you ever think of anyone but yourself?